5 Reasons why our

container self storage beats the competition

Experience the convenience, privacy, and accessibility of our container self-storage units, surpassing traditional warehouse-style facilities. Here’s why we stand out:

1. Zero Queuing

Skip the queues and access your container instantly. There’s no need to wait at a reception counter during office hours. There is no middle-man at Layn Self Storage and we have extended hours, open from 7 till 9 weekdays, 7:30 till 6 on Saturdays and 9 till 5 on Sundays.

no queuing

2. Easy Access

You can drive your vehicle right up to your storage unit. No need to deal with receptionists or management. Simply drive into the site with a keycode, reverse up to your container, unload, and pack at your own pace, anytime it suits you.

3. Total Privacy

Enjoy complete privacy when storing your belongings. With no need to unload in front of others, Layn Self Storage ensures your valuable items, tools, or personal possessions remain confidential and secure.

store easy preserves your privacy

4. Unmatched Security

With Store Easy, you’re the sole key holder, ensuring ultimate security. Our physical padlocks and keys offer robust protection, eliminating the risk of unauthorised access or hacking of keypads.

secure storage

5. Superior Value

By avoiding overheads like staff and expensive city centre locations, we invest in state-of-the-art containers, meticulously insulated and modified for safety. Plus, our knowledgeable and friendly team is just a phone call away for any assistance you may need.

secure storage

With all these benefits it makes sense to choose Layn Self Storage!