Looking for the cheapest self storage in Mansfield?

Finding the best value in self storage isn’t just about price, you want your possessions to be kept in the best condition possible. That means being safe and secure without the threat of damp or condensation damage.


The very cheapest self storage sites may well be using second hand containers that have already had a tough life. Layn Self Storage only use brand new containers that we insulate so that you won’t be troubled by condensation. On our newly installed containers we also adapt them so that they can be opened with one handle rather than the usual two. You want your goods to stay in the same condition as when you put them into storage.


As we use storage containers with vehicle access rather than small units within a warehouse, you can simply drive your car or small van up to the container to unload with the minimum of fuss. Many of our sites have 24/7 access.


Can you be sure that you are the only key holder? And how secure is that padlock? We supply you with a brand new highly secure padlock that is your property to keep after your storage period. You can be sure that no one else has a key to it, not even us! We also utilise CCTV on all of our self storage facilities.

Cheapest isn’t necessarily best

We know that our customers value our service and commitment to providing the best value self storage. Many people store fragile and valuable items that they don’t want to get damaged by condensation or huge temperature fluctuations. We believe that Layn Self Storage offers an ideal balance between price and quality for self storage in the Mansfield area.